Weeks before her shocking announcement, Tyra Banks subtly gave away major hints that she was leaving DWTS.


TYRA Banks might have given early hints about her departure from Dancing With the Stars.

Although the model’s planned exit from DWTS shocked fans and executives alike, a recently resurfaced interview suggests that her departure may have been a long time in the making.


In an interview about business, she stated her desire to expand on her ice cream company Smize & Dream


The 49-year-old Tyra recently gave an interview to Entrepreneur, in which she made it clear that she wants to leave the entertainment industry.

The star made it clear in the interview that Smize & Dream, her ice cream company, was where her priorities lay.

The first sign that Tyra wanted to leave The Tyra Banks Show for good was when she said that she had wanted to start the business 18 years ago but had put it on hold to concentrate on the show.

In her words, “I know that you can’t start two businesses at the same time and have them both be successful; they’re both going to fail!”

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Because of this, I decided to shelve my plans to open an ice cream shop.

In addition, she said, “I would love to teach at Harvard Business School,” indicating that perhaps her true calling no longer lay in front of an audience.

And most importantly, she reaffirmed that she intended to take Smize & Dream to new heights.

“The plan is definitely to scale,” the TV star said. “And the plan is to scale in a big way.”

In addition, Tyra stated that actress Gwyneth Paltrow served as an inspiration for her decision to leave the spotlight and pursue a career in business.

“There’s something that just makes me feel like runways and photo shoots and covers, all of that was nice, but I would love for that to be an asterisk on my legacy,” she said.

“The most important thing is for people to be like, ‘She’s an ice cream entrepreneur. Did you know she was a model in the past?


A reliable source has stated that everyone was taken aback by Tyra’s sudden decision to leave the show.

As she was leaving a Santa Monica, California, grocery store, Tyra told TMZ the news.

To the media, she declared, “I think it’s time. It’s safe to say that my life’s work is what I love doing. Besides movies, it also makes TV shows.

I need to devote my full attention to my company, but that’s impossible to do while also hosting a talk show.

“From now on, I won’t be content with merely hosting; you’ll also see me making things,” she said.

The confidential source told the United States firsthand. This news came as a complete surprise to the executives at Sun that show.

One insider said (with a chuckle): “Tyra announcing her exit [to TMZ] too was fascinating.

“Everyone is aware of the PR plans Disney and ABC corporate love to have in place for show announcements in order to control the flow of news.”

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The source continued, “But it seemed very much like she had not followed that corporate-style strategy based on their conversation outside a grocery store.”

It looked like another case of Tyra saying, “I’ll do it my way,” with the justification, “I do what is right for me.”

The DWTS presenter claimed that she wanted to be known as an entrepreneur rather than a model or TV personality


Execs were allegedly shocked by Tyra's off-the-cuff announcement that she'd be leaving the show


An insider claimed that the iconic model's unexpected reveal was a 'Tyra 'I'll do it my way move''



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