What is Bruno Tonioli’s name? The Italian choreographer is back for Season 30 of ‘Dancing With the Stars.’


Bruno Tonioli is an Italian choreographer, television personality, and ballroom and Latin dancer who has served as a judge on the British television dance competition ‘Strictly Come Dancing’ and its American adaptation, ‘Dancing with the Stars.’ He’s also appeared on the BBC talent show ‘DanceX’ and its American adaptation, ‘Dance War: Bruno vs. Carrie Ann’s, too. This fall, Tonioli is set to star in the 30th season of ‘Dancing with the Stars.’ In 2009, the magazine ‘Rolling Stone’ stated that Tonioli had “won America’s heart with his gay-Italian-maniac steez.” Tonioli lent his name to an album titled ‘An Italian Romance’ released by ‘Decca’ seven years later, in 2016. Tonioli put together this collection of Italian songs by various artists.


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Career $ Ella Enchanted’s ‘Minnie Driver’ was also choreographed by him. His writing style is picturesque and descriptive. Tonioli referred to ‘Cheetah Girl Sabrina Bryan’ as “a little lynx on the prowl” and singer and actor “Billy Ray Cyrus” as “a crazy bear lost in a swamp” during his time on the US ‘Dancing With the Stars,’ to name a few examples. As a BBC contributor, the TV star earns between 200,000 and 249,000 dollars. Personal life

Bruno is multilingual, speaking Italian, English, Portuguese, Spanish, and French. He has been a resident of London since 1975. He is an expert in Latin and ballet dances. In terms of his personal life, Bruno identifies as a gay man and has been in a relationship with Jason Schanne since 2000. He’s also spoken out about how he was bullied for his sexuality since he was a child, despite coming from an orthodox Catholic family. After the 14th season of ‘Dancing with the Stars,’ Bruno and Jason held a “commitment ceremony.” Season 30 of ‘Dancing With the Stars’ will premiere on ABC on Mondаy, September 20 аt 8 p.m. ET. The show will continue to аir new episodes on Mondаy nights throughout the fаll seаson, аssuming ABC sticks to its normаl fаll schedule, аnd will wrаp up аround the end of November.

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