What Is Chris Martin’s Net Worth in Comparison to His Coldplay Bandmates?


Chris Martin, the frontman for Coldplay, has been in the spotlight for years because of his profession and who he’s been in relationships with. Gwyneth Paltrow, an Oscar winner and the founder of Goop , was married to the musician for ten years before they “consciously uncoupled.” After that, Martin was linked to and dated a number of other celebrities, including Alexa Chung, Jennifer Lawrence, Annabelle Wallis, and his current girlfriend Dakota Johnson. Because he is the group’s most well-known and recognizable member, fans frequently inquire about his net worth. Here’s the answer, as well as who his bandmates are and how much they’re worth in comparison to Coldplay’s lead singer.

Who are Chris Martin’s Coldplay bandmates?

Chris Martin of Coldplay performs during pre-taping of the Macy’s 4th of July Fireworks Show | James Devaney/GC Images Coldplay is made up of Jonny Buckland, Will Champion, and Guy Berryman, in addition to Martin. Buckland was born on September 4th,

. 11th of November, 1977, in London. He’s the group’s guitarist, and he’s been playing since he was seven years old. U2 and My Bloody Valentine are two of his musical influences. Berryman was born in the Scottish town of Kickcaldy on April 12, 1978. He is the bassist for Coldplay. Berryman formed another band, Apparatjik, in 2010, to perform the musical theme for the BBC2 series Amazon . Champion (

) was born on July 31, 1978, in Southampton, England. He is the band’s drummer, but he also enjoys playing guitar. Champion became a member of Coldplay in 1997. Martin fired him two years later, but he was quickly asked to return. Coldplay members (l to r) Jonny Buckland, Chris Martin, Will Champion, and Guy Berryman take a selfie during their performance at The Brit Awards 2021 | JMEnternational/JMEnternational for BRIT Awards/Getty Images

What is Martin’s net worth? Christopher Anthony John Martin was born in Devon, England, on March 2, 1977, to Anthony John Martin and Alison Martin. He went to the pre-preparatory Hylton School and the preparatory Exeter Cathedral School as a child, where he first developed an interest in music. He also learned to play a variety of instruments. He attended the University College of London after graduating from high school, where he met his future bandmates. Martin has had a lot of success with Coldplay over the years, but he’s also worked on a couple of solo projects. Brüno , Shaun of the Dead , Ricky Gervais’ Extras , Modern Family , Curb Your Enthusiasm , and The Simpsons , to name a few. From Nelly Furtado to Jay-Z to Kanye West to Dua Lipa, the vocalist has written songs for a variety of artists and collaborated with some of the biggest names in music. According to Celebrity Net Worth, he is worth an estimated $130 million today. How much are Buckland, Berryman, and Champion worth?[/embed ]

Since their inception in 1997, Coldplay has had numerous hits, including “Yellow,” “Clocks,” “Fix You,” “Paradise,” “Viva La Vida,” “A Sky Full Of Stars,” and “Adventure Of A Lifetime.” The band released the single “Higher Power” in May 2021, which was played for the first time on the International Space Station by French astronaut Thomas Pesquet. Despite the fact that Martin is the group’s primary songwriter, he has chosen to evenly split all copyright credits with his bandmates, ensuring that they, too, receive millions in royalties. Buckland, Berryman, and Champion are all worth $100 million as a result of that decision. RELATED – Gwyneth Paltrow’s Net Worth: How Much She and Brad Falchuk Are Worth

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