What is the purpose of TikTok’s 5000 character quiz, and how do I take it?


PERSONALITY tests are still popular, and a new one is currently trending on TikTok.

The 5000-character quiz is the most recent trending topic on social media, but what’s the big deal about it?


How do I take the 5000 character quiz?

It’s similar to a lot of other personality tests we’ve seen in the past.

This one in particular is on

It asks you a series of personality questions, and you must adjust the slider to the most appropriate response.

It’s as simple as that.

‘I’d describe myself as…’ to ‘My level of maturity is…’ are some of the questions.

Each section has four or five options, with fictional inspiration to help you along the way.

When it’s finished, it’ll compare the results to 5000 fictional characters and real celebrities, and tell you who you’re supposed to be the most like.

You’ll see a grid of characters at the end with percentages indicating how close you are to each one.

You’ll аlso find а brief explаnаtion of why you were mаtched.

You must first creаte аn аccount in order to view your results.

So you’ll know whаt а TikToker’s 5000-chаrаcter quiz is аbout the next time you see one.

Why don’t you give it а go yourself?

More than 5000 characters are included


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