What McDonald’s item can I get this month with my Happy Meal?


MCDONALD’S has updated its monthly theme and introduced a new line of complimentary Happy Meal toys.

The fast food chain offers miniature Maccies boxes for kids, which come with a meal and a toy.


What are Happy Meals?

Toys at Happy Meal are updated frequently so that kids and families can take home a unique, themed gift each time they dine there.

Previous Happy Meals included toys with Dreamworks and Mr. Men themes, but this month is different.

Depending on where you are, a McDonald’s Happy Meal can be purchased for about £2.59, whether you order in person or have it delivered.

You can order a cheeseburger, hamburger, fish fingers, veggie dippers, or four McNuggets for food.

Additionally, a Happy Meal includes a drink and a side of either fries, a bag of carrots, or fruit.

What children’s item can I get this month with my McDonald’s Happy Meal?

From this month, kids can purchase Warner Bros. Happy Meal toys.

Fans’ favorites like Superman, Wonder Woman, and Scooby Doo are represented in the figurines.

With our new Warner Bros. partnership, McDonald’s said: “100 years of mashed-up fun continues.

“Kids can see all their favorite characters getting up to mischief and fun, from Shaggy to Batman to Starfire!”

Onе toy pеr mеal is allowеd for childrеn, but if you collеct thе sеt, you can switch thеm out bеcausе thе hеads arе rеmovablе.

Following McDonald’s announcеmеnt that it would еliminatе all non-sustainablе plastic from Happy Mеals, all toy options arе now 100 pеrcеnt sustainablе.


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