What We Want from ‘I Love a Mama’s Boy’ in Season 4


I Love a Mama’s Boy Season 3 on TLC featured a lot of dramatic turns and turns. Here’s what we’re hoping will occur in season 4 after getting a behind-the-scenes look at the lives of women dating “mama’s boys.”

We hope Leyna finds the right relationship

A couple watches the sunset.

Ethan’s interactions with his mother Esther cause Leyna some concern. She claims that their actions are flirtatious. Ethan claims they are merely complimenting one another. Leyna confronted Ethan and Esther about their actions, but they persisted in the same behavior.

Leyna made the announcement that the wedding had been postponed during the producer’s update at the end of the season. We don’t buy her explanation that it was caused by Ethan’s sick cat (the cat later passed away). We wouldn’t be shocked if the wedding was called off because she had been having second thoughts about marrying Ethan. We wish Leyna luck in her search for a life partner.

We wish Kristy and Robert a happy marriage.

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Because of Robert’s mother, Nancy, their marriage was strained. It appeared as though Nancy was attempting to break up the couple throughout the season. Robert believes that Nancy’s lack of support for his marriage is partially a result of his and Kristy’s elopement. Throughout his marriage to Kristy, he claims that Nancy has been “carrying around this weight.”

When Robert’s mother requested a DNA test, that was the tipping point. She admitted to him that she didn’t think Kimberly, his daughter, was his. Kristy became upset by this and began to distance herself from Robert. He realized he had to choose. Either he would support his mother and risk losing his marriage, or he would turn away from her and keep it.

Robert made the decision to cut off contact with his mother. Making his mother happy was not as important to him as his marriage and his children. The creators of the show claim that Robert hasn’t spoken to his mother since the end of the previous season. We’re hoping that Kristy and Robert can keep mending their relationship.

We hope Shekeb and Emily find the right match

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There was a lot of conflict between Shekeb and Emily. Laila, Shekeb’s mother, contributed to the tension. Behind Emily’s back, she would attempt to set Shekeb up on dates. Things didn’t work out well the last time Laila tried to set Shekeb up.

Shekeb should date Yussra and eventually get married to her, says Laila. Emily got upset and started using inappropriate language when Laila unexpectedly invited Yussra to dinner.

Shekeb made an effort to reconcile Laila and Emily during a separate meeting. He suggested that they move in together so that they could get to know one another. But Emily insisted that she would never live with his mother because she didn’t like her.

Emily yelled at Laila and jumped over the banister to end the night. Shekeb decided to move back in with his mother after sending Emily home in a taxi. We wish Shekeb and Emily luck in their search. They don’t seem to be a good match for one another.

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Robert claims he cut the cord and is no longer a “Mama’s Boy” in the article “I Love a Mama’s Boy”


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