When a taxi driver accidentally hits a cyclist with his wing mirror, the terrifying moment is followed by mutual accusations of fault.


Disagreement has arisen on social media in the wake of a shocking video showing a taxi driver hitting a cyclist with the wing mirror.

The terrifying event occurred as the cyclist was making his way along Newgate Street in the heart of London.


The footage shows a cyclist moving out to overtake another cyclist in front of him


In the clip, a rider breaks away from the pack to pass the rider in front of him.

A few seconds later, the professional driver tried to pass the taxi driver at a narrow intersection, and the cabbie was hit in the back by the professional’s wing mirror.

The rider told road.cc, “The wing mirror hit me as the taxi squeezed by inside the traffic island. There was very little room for me to get out of the way as I was passing another cyclist at the time.

I’ve been riding a bike for at least 35 years, and many of those miles have been through London. This was one of the scariest experiences I’ve ever had.

As a taxi driver, he must have been well aware that the road splits in two after this intersection.

Since I had not even received an acknowledgment of the report, I decided to email the City of London police a couple of weeks later to inquire as to its status.

The cabbie stated that the passenger had swerved in front of him.

The cyclist continued, “He also accused me of swerving in front of him, which was complete nonsense; I was rolling up to the red light when it changed.

The rider in front of me veered off to the side of the road, and I quickly picked up speed to pass the line of slower-moving cyclists, but I never moved my position on the road, as can be seen in the replay.

Once I was through the chicane and there weren’t any other cyclists around, I merged into the bike lane and waved him on, as I didn’t want him following me or getting into any sort of confrontation with me.

Following the advice of Rule 72 of the Highway Code, which states that cyclists should “ride in the center of your lane, to make yourself as clearly visible as possible […] at the approach to junctions or road narrowings where it would be unsafe for drivers to overtake you,” our reader has reported that he “religiously” takes primary position whenever possible to avoid a similar incident.

Users on social media are divided.

One commentator remarked, “Here it is obvious that the cyclist moves to the right to overtake the other cyclist without a shoulder check. This whole thing is his fault. It would have been safer for the taxi to stop, but the cyclist put himself in harm’s way.

Added another, “The taxi driver tried a ridiculously close overtake and, in this case, actually hit the cyclist. There must be some explanation from him.

Even if the camera cyclist weren’t around, the taxi driver still shouldn’t have tried to pass the other cyclists at this intersection. This is completely unacceptable behavior on the road, and he thoroughly deserves the consequences.

Another sleepy motorist was spotted speeding down a cycle line, completely ignoring the cyclists who were desperately trying to avoid being hit.

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Also, last year a video showing a cyclist losing control in heavy traffic spread like wildfire across the internet.


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