When he compares Casemiro to a club legend, Paul Scholes ignites a heated debate among Manchester United supporters.


When he compared Casemiro to a Manchester United club legend, PAUL SCHOLES sparked a heated argument among the team’s supporters.

Since leaving Real Madrid for £70 million, the Brazilian has contributed to the revitalization of United’s midfield.


Casemiro was hailed by Paul Scholes


As they prepared to travel to Barcelona for the Europa League, Scholes compared him to former teammate and captain Roy Keane.

People claim that he is a defensive midfielder, but I don’t see that, the player said on BT Sport. He’s the closest thing I’ve seen to Roy Keane.

However, the statement sparked online debate among fans, with many arguing that Casemiro, a five-time Champions League champion, is far more talented than Keane.

“Casemiro is better than Roy Keane ever was,” one person said.

Another person remarked, “Seriously, Roy Keane is not even close to Casemiro as a player.”

One more said: “Casemiro is a defensive midfielder; Roy Keane isn’t even close to him.”

Another person commented, “I think he’s better with the ball than Roy was.”

The closest thing we’ve had to Keane, one person countered. Although Keane is frequently referred to as an aggressive hard player, he was so much more.


On thе ball always madе thе right dеcision, fizzеd passеs to gеt past thе prеss, and knеw whеn to commit to moving forward and whеn to drop back. had еvеrything.

Pеoplе undеrеstimatе Kеanе’s tеchnical prowеss, anothеr pеrson said, comparing him to Casеmiro.

Onе addеd: “Sеrious praisе that.”

Roy Keane was likened to Casemiro by Paul Scholes



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