When I get out of uniform, the men always ask if I’ll be the one to arrest them if they surrender.


Persistent males begged to be handcuffed by a female officer.

The woman from Florida has shown the world her off-duty outfit, which has led potential suitors to want to hand themselves in.


Alissa Blassingame (@simply_chaos1) shed her baggy uniform in favor of skintight club clothes.

After she shared a video of the sexy makeover, men went wild.

The tough police officer inspected her image in the bathroom mirror.

She was outfitted with her protective vest and handcuffs.

I’m a female cop - I trade my uniform for leopard catsuits when I’m off duty
I’m a female cop - men tell me I’m ‘breathtaking’ in and out of uniform

Alissa had a ponytail fashioned from her hair, which had been brushed back. She wore hardly any makeup.

The female cop approached the camera, getting ready for her big reveal.

The green collar of her short-sleeved shirt sparkled as the light caught the gold badge she wore.

Alisa reached out to shield the microphone with her hand. The officer stopped reporting for duty when she released her grip.

She looked hot in her black faux-leather shorts and low-cut white camisole, perfect for a night on the town.

The shorts hugged her curves and showed off her pert derriere.

Not wearing long pants or a shirt with a collar, Alissa’s tattoos were on full display.

There was a lot of buzz about how great Alissa looked both in and out of uniform.

“Looking good, baby,” a forward man commented.

A potential suitor exclaimed, “I love a woman in uniform, definitely got it going on.”

If I surrender, they’ll send you to come get me, right?” asked one eager man.

Someone once said to me, “You looked hot in the uniform,” and I take it as a compliment.

Men said they would surrender to her arrest when they saw her outfit change



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