When I say “Jeff Cohen,” who plays Mikey in The Goonies, what do you think of?


Jeff Cohen, a former child actor, has stayed in the entertainment industry.

The native Californian is now working with major Hollywood stars.


Who is Goonies star Jeff Cohen?

On June 25, 1974, Jeffrey Bertan Cohen was born in Los Angeles, California.

Former child actor best known for his role as Chunk in Steven Spielberg’s The Goonies (1985).

In 2015, Cohen “confessed” to the Daily Mail that he had to leave Hollywood because he could no longer get “fat kid roles.”

He told the media that there were only “about four fat kids in town,” so whenever there was a fat kid role, the same people would always audition for it.

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It was a battle of the fattest. However, my promising start was cut short when I reached puberty. No one was casting me because I was going from Chunk to hunk.

Cohen elaborated, saying, “It was terrible. Acting was my first passion, but I hit puberty just in time to have my interests diverted. A retirement was imposed upon him. Acting was not something I gave up. To be honest, I gave up because of my acting.

The now 48-year-old man is a partner at Cohen Gardner LLP and a successful lawyer.

In addition to his JD from the UCLA School of Law, Cohen holds a BS in Business Administration from Berkeley.

What is Jeff Cohen’s net worth?

After leaving acting behind, Cohen pursued a legal career and is now a prominent Beverly Hills entertainment attorney.

In 2002, Jeff co-founded Cohen Gardner LLP to provide “transactional representation for clients in the entertainment, media, and technology verticals,” as stated in his firm’s bio.

Variety has included him on both their Dealmakers Impact List and their Legal Impact List. Articles about him have appeared in publications like The Hollywood Reporter, The ABA Journal, Chambers Associate, and Law Crossing.

According to Celebrity Net Worth, the author and working writer is worth an estimated $4 million.

He regularly updates his Instagram (@jeff_b_cohen) followers on his life and work, and he has over 18.5k.

(L-R) Jeff Cohen, Ana de Armas, and Ke Huy Quan at the 2023 Vanity Fair Oscar Party on March 12, 2023


Any idea what Ke Huy Quan had to say about Cohen at the Academy Awards?

Despite the passage of nearly four decades since their initial appearance in the film Goonies, the friendship between Cohen and Ke Huy Quan has not waned.

The actor who played Data in the classic 1980s comedy-adventure is back in Hollywood after leaving the industry nearly 20 years ago due to a lack of acting opportunities.

“For the longest time, I couldn’t get a job,” he told The Hollywood Reporter in a roundtable interview in January 2023.

“I tried to break into Hollywood, but they didn’t want me. I was completely sidelined. In my late teens and early twenties, I spent a great deal of time waiting by the phone, but since it hardly ever rang, I eventually had to leave.

Nonetheless, for his role as Waymond Wang in Everything Everywhere All at Once, Quan won the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor on March 12, 2023.

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The 51-year-old thanked “My ‘Goonies’ brother for life, Jeff Cohen,” while wiping away tears as he accepted his award.

It turns out Cohen isn’t just a friend of Quan’s, but also his lawyer; he helped negotiate Quan’s contract for the part in the Oscar-winning film starring Michelle Yeoh and Jamie Lee Curtis.


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