When I was interviewed on television, a journalist didn’t believe me because my first and last names are both words, so he made up a name.


Because his first and last names both sound like professions, a man has revealed that a journalist gave him a makeshift name during a TV interview.

On New Year’s Eve, the Atlanta-based realtor was thrilled to be interviewed by a local news station, WSBTV, but he soon realized that he had been given a false name.


Fisher (@HunterFisher21) wrote on Twitter: “Emma and I made it on TV but the camera guy didn’t believe my name was Hunter Fisher so he just made one up for me.”Twitter.

The reporter apparently gave Fisher the name “Benjamin Holcomb,” and upon hearing Fisher’s name, he might have imagined someone on the prowl for prey.

On Twitter, numerous people made hilarious comments regarding the name issue.

One man could completely understand why people would doubt Fisher’s identity.

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Some people don’t think my name is Christian Stein, he wrote. Either that or the notion that a person cannot be called Christian if their last name is Jewish (stian, stein).

The fictitious name, in the opinion of another, was rather clever.

They wrote, “It’s a pretty good name for him to have just made up!”

Another person was not so on board.

“The disrespect!” they chimed in.

A jokester suggested changing Hunter’s name yet again.

“Try Hunter Gatherer next time.”

Somеonе mеntionеd a past pеrson with a namе that soundеd similar: “Thеrе was a guy back in thе latе ’80s or so who got his namе lеgally changеd to ‘Lakе Trout Fishing’.”

“What about your ID?” anothеr quеstionеd.

Thе last onе said, “Is your middlе namе Campеr or somеthing?”


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