When I was younger, I was trashy, but now I exude elegance. Here are three tips to help you achieve my level of sophistication.


Antonia Higham, known as an authority on all things elegant, has built a successful career on the strength of her timeless feminine style.

However, the ‘leveling up’ expert recently admitted that she was not always so refined.


The elegance expert shares her top tricks on TikTok


The expert on all things stylish posted some throwback photos to her TiKTok account (@antoniahigham), and she certainly has changed a lot.

Antonia, as we see her now, has very fair skin, uses very little makeup, and never exposes much skin.

A former lover of fake tan and lip fillers, she now prefers a natural look.

Antonia was always on the cutting edge of style, regularly donning minidresses, short-shorts, and boob tube tops.

Antonia, however, claims that things have changed dramatically for the better ever since she got rid of her “vulgar” style.

“My respect for myself is higher now,” she wrote in the video’s comments.

The expert claims that she first adjusted her wardrobe before getting rid of her file folders and giving up the fake tan and heavy makeup.

Some of Antonia’s fellow TikTok users didn’t even recognize her when she posted old photos of herself.

“I’m sure you attract different types of men and friends too, you are gorgeous either way,” one person commented.

‘Can you be classy with it?’ asked a second. ‘Omg I could never get rid of my tan, lol.

Another person remarked, “I couldn’t help but think of Song, Marry, Avoid.”

However, there were those who praised Antonia’s “trashy” appearance, with one user joking, “Bring those lips back!”

However, “she looks older in the after,” as another person put it.

Someone else agreed, “I won’t lie, your old look was GIVING.”

“Instagram baddie to aristocrat wife,” one user wrote.

Antonia changed her style to be more conservative


She ditched the fake tan in favour of a more natural look


Antonia prefers a more subtle look these days



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