When one coffee fanatic accidentally calls Starbucks by the wrong name, the internet explodes with laughter.


ANYONE WHO ENJOYS COFFEE has probably been there when the barista asked for their name to scrawl on the side of their cup.

But one person revealed how they got the wrong end of the stick and were left blushing and embarrassed.


The embarrassing incident, which took place at a Starbucks, was chronicled in a viral social media post by @theLKshow.

They said in the video, “I haven’t fully recovered from my first trip to Starbucks.

“The bartender inquired, “Can I get a name for your drink?”

So, I gave her a blank stare and said, “I guess we can call him Bob?”

The hilarious misunderstanding clearly left the barista in stitches.

They continued: “She laughed right in my face.”

Even though @theLKshow said they were “so embarrassed” by it all, TikTok users reacted the same way.

Somebody said, “To be completely honest, this would have made my day. That’s hilarious.

A second person was in agreement, as they typed: “No I hope she laughed in a nice way because this would have made my entire day.

“That’s so cute and funny.”

Another reader commented, “I just laughed out loud on the plane, love this.”

But a fourth voiced agreement, saying, “This is like that one kid who was asked to name the shape (it was a square) and instead of writing bob or something.”

Another person said they were inspired by the experience to start a “petition to name Starbucks drinks.”

In the comments, baristas shared their thoughts on how they would have reacted if he had asked them to name the coffee.

That I would have written that on the cup for you if I were a cool Starbucks barista.”

That led to even more people discussing their own mortifying coffee shop anecdotes.

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One of them said, “I didn’t hear the barista ask for my name, so I just said ‘no.'”

To add insult to injury, someone then yelled, “a drink for a person named no,” leaving me bewildered.

The story majorly entertained social media users



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