Where are the killers Surpreet Dhillon and Temidayo Awe, known as “The Honeytrap Murder,” today?


Surpreet Dhillon and Temidayo Awe sprung a trap for SAUL MURRAY.

The two women planned to steal his Rolex watches, but the bungled robbery led to the father-of-six being murdered in a case that was to be dubbed “The Honeytrap Murder”.


Who is Surpreet Dhillon?

After discovering fake photos of Saul Murray’s Rolex watches on Instagram, cyberstalker Surpreet Dhillon set his sights on the latter.

She and Murray had a texting conversation before she went to see him in Luton.

Dhillon, a mother of two, visited Murray in his London home to set up the honeytrap after talking to him.

After seeing Murray’s social media posts boasting about his wealth and high-end watches, the 36-year-old came up with the plan with his friends.

Who is Temidayo Awe?

Gillingham native Temidayo Awe, 21, and her accomplices drove to Luton to have drinks with Saul Murray at his house.

They were caught on camera entering his apartment, and then again when Awe left.

She received a seven-year sentence for manslaughter for her role in the heinous scheme.

What happened to Saul Murray?

In the evening of February 26, 2022, Murray invited the two women to his home in Luton for a meeting.

The women followed him into his apartment as he invited them in, and their arrival was recorded.

After drinking some brandy together, Surpreet Dhillon spiked Murray’s drink with the date rape drug GHB.

The drug doses allegedly used were insufficient to render Saul Murray unconscious, so Temidayo Awe allegedly left the property to find their other two accomplices.

The two women were captured leaving the building together 20 minutes after two men were seen entering the premises.

Some 19 seconds later, the two men followed them out of the house.

Everyone could see that one of them had a knife in their hand.

The body of Saul Murray, who had been stabbed and had died the following day, was discovered in his apartment.

The murderer of Murray was identified by a distinctive £1300 designer coat he was seen wearing in a takeaway food shop some days earlier, and the other unidentified man was located using GPS data from the car he was seen fleeing in.

Ikem Affia was found guilty of murder and given a life sentence with a mandatory minimum of 25 years in prison. His co-conspirator received a sentence of 11 years.

The seven-year manslaughter sentence and the six-year robbery conspiracy sentence were handed down to Awe, to be served concurrently. The jury ultimately found her not guilty of murder.

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Dhillon received a concurrent 10-year sentence for manslaughter and a 10-year sentence for conspiracy to commit robbery.


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