Where Have All the ‘Parent Trap’ Campers Gone? Lindsay Lohan, Kat Graham, and Other Celebrities


Let’s get together, yeah, yeah, yeah!

Let’s get together, yeah, yeah, yeah! With the 1998 remake of the 1961 original, fans were reintroduced to The Parent Trap for the first time in over two decades. After its release, the reboot, starring Lindsay Lohan as 11-year-old twins Annie James and Hallie Parker, attracted a devoted following, and the story continues to resonate with many. Whether fans first saw The Parent Trap in theaters in the late 1990s or fell in love with the separated-at-birth story decades later, the film has cemented itself as a childhood classic. While some viewers enjoy the love story between the twins’ parents, Nick Parker ( Dennis Quaid ) and Elizabeth James ( Natasha Richardson), others watch the film for the high jinks and sabotage perpetrated on Nick’s fiancée Meredith Blake ( Elaine Hendrix ).

$ The location is in charge of introducing the girls and forming their sisterly bond. It also had all of the perfect summer activities, such as swimming, archery, and peanut butter-dipped Oreos. Annie, who was raised in London with her fashion designer mother, was a natural at fencing and handshakes. Hallie, who was raised in Napa, California, by her winery-owning father, was a natural at card games and a mastermind when it came to pranks. Annie and Hallie, who were named after director Nancy Meyers ‘s daughters, form their own super teams at camp, each consisting of one to two BFFs. Outside of the Isolation Cabin, the girls’ sleepaway camp experiences were enriched by their fellow campers, many of whom assisted them in causing havoc among themselves. When Annie put her rival Hallie’s bed on the roof of her cabin,

Kаt Grаhаm ‘s Jаckie аnd Hаllie Meyers-Shyer ‘s Lindsаy hаd Annie’s bаck. Hаllie hаd Nicole а.k.а. Courtney Wood when the Nаvаjo bunk wаs boobytrаpped. She hаs а Tie-Dye Girl by her side.

Scroll down to see whаt some of Cаmp Wаlden’s most memorаble cаmpers hаve been up to over the yeаrs, аs well аs where the cаmp’s leаders hаve ended up. 008



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