While competing in the SEC Championships, Olivia Dunne and her best friend Elena Arenas look absolutely stunning in their brand new, pristine white LSU leotards.


Famous people on social media like Olivia Dunne and Elena Arenas revealed the updated LSU leotards to their fans on Saturday.

The best friends posted pictures of the Tigers’ all-white uniforms on Instagram before the SEC Championships in Duluth, Georgia.


Dunen stunned her 3.7million Instagram fans with the new LSU leotards


Arenas also took to Instagram to give fans a sneak peek at their new ensemble


Their white leotards sparkled with gold embellishments, and the sleeves were a vivid purple.

Dunne, who is 20 years old, also shared a photo of herself and her 20-year-old teammate Aleah Finnegan with the caption “geaux time!” They both flashed tiger emojis as they posed in stylish purple leotards in what looked like a hotel room before the performance.

Arenas, 21, also shared an image of herself wearing one of her outfits, a purple leotard, and declaring that she was “ready to geaux!” from a hotel armchair.

Additionally, Dunne used TikTok to update her 7.3 million followers on her physical preparation for the shot.

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While lip-syncing, she changed from a black sleeveless top and glasses to a purple outfit and flawless makeup in the clip.

Dunne is one of the highest-earning student-athletes in the country thanks to the over 11 million people who follow her across her various social media platforms.

At the tender age of 18, she had already amassed a fortune of $1 million, and now, according to On3, she is worth $3.4 million annually.

The NCAA’s decision to allow athletes to profit from their name, image, and likeness beginning in the summer of 2021 is responsible for all of this.

Dunne, Arenas, Finnegan, and the rest of the gang. These shots heralded the beginning of a great evening.

On the parallel bars, Dunne and Finnegan scored a 9.850, which was a personal best for Dunne, whose season was cut short by injury.

Arenas and Finnegan both scored 9.900 on the vault, tying them for seventh place with teammate Haleigh Bryant.

In addition to his 9.950 on the balance beam, Finnegan scored 9.950 on the floor and tied for sixth place with Bryant.

In addition to her 9.900 on the vault, Finnegan placed sixth on the balance beam with a score of 9.925.

In the end, her score of 39.625 placed her in fourth place.

Head coach Jay Clark was quoted as saying, “We’re always disappointed when we know we left things on the floor, but the other part of that is that they continued to show their fight and grit,” regarding the team’s third-place finish.

In line with our performance this year, we got a similar score.

For what it’s worth, I’m just glad they’re still fighting under the current conditions. Now comes the regionals.

Arenas was "ready to geaux!" ahead of Saturday evening


Dunne is known for her lipsyncing TikToks


She wowed her followers with her latest transformation video



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