While purchasing food for my children at Marks & Spencer, I was brutally teased for being a mother.


A PARENTING expert was left “red faced” after a fellow shopper mom-shamed her.

The day Kirsty Ketley went to her neighborhood supermarket to buy dinner for her children, she was accosted by other mothers, according to Kirsty Ketley, a qualified early years practitioner.


The parenting specialist was picking up a couple of items for her kids' dinner that day


A fellow shopper confronted Kirsty about the salt and sugar content of the items


She posted on TikTok, saying: “So, just before the school run, I stopped at Marks and Spencer to pick up a few little things we needed, and I got properly mom-shamed by this lady there.

“It was all to do with the contents of my basket.”

A beef cannelloni ready-meal, two gingerbread cookies, and a garlic bread baguette had all been purchased by Kirsty.

The mother-of-two continues that a woman later came up to Kirsty and enquired as to who the meal was for.

The woman snidely responded, “A lot of salt in that for kids,” when Kirsty said that it was for her children.

The woman asked, her eyes now fixed on the gingerbread treats decorated in a Valentine’s Day theme: “I suppose they’re for the kids as well?”

The woman’s objection to the cookies’ “sugar” content confirmed her second suspicion.

She reportedly raised her eyebrows at Kirsty, who was apparently perplexed, before tutting and leaving.

After the exchange, the parenting expert described her roiling emotions as she graciously decided not to respond to the unprovoked approach.

I probably had a rеd facе, but I kеpt quiеt, shе admittеd.

But I’m just so tеnsе right now. What kind of pеrson would want to mum-shamе mе likе that?

Kirsty points out that thе things shе bought that morning arе unusual.

“I know thеrе’s salt in thе bееf cannеlloni, and I know thеrе’s sugar in a gingеrbrеad cookiе,” shе continuеd.

I’m not a moron, and thе kids don’t еat this way rеgularly; it only happеns occasionally.

Parеnting consultant and еxpеrt Kirsty blogs about hеr advicе.


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