Who has Jennette McCurdy dated in her past relationships?


Jennette McCurdy, a 30-year-old Nickelodeon star, is open about her prior relationships.

The former iCarly star, who left Hollywood after her mother passed away from cancer in 2013, has mostly dated other actors.

Jennette McCurdy has been open about her past relationships


Is Jennette McCurdy dating?

According to what is known as of August 2022, Jennette is not dating anyone.

Who has Jennette McCurdy dated?

The young star has been linked to a number of men, some of whom she has had open relationships with.

The actress, who values her privacy, hasn’t revealed who she may or may not be dating since 2016. What we do know is this:

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Jesse Carere

After they both appeared in the science fiction series Between, which aired on Netflix in 2015 and 2016, she dated fellow actor Jesse Carere for a year.

“This is maybe staking a big claim on my future self, but I would say that I certainly love him right, you know?” Jennette said at the time to Vulture.

Max Ehrich

Before joining the show with Jesse, there were rumors that Jennette had dated Demi Lovato’s ex-fiance, Max Ehrich, in 2010.

That year, an iCarly episode featured actor Max as the lead.

Jennette confirmed that she and Max were never romantically engaged, despite fans’ speculation to the contrary.

Max clarified the situation in 2016 by tweeting that Jennette “was always just a friend.”

Andre Drummond

Jennette became friends with NBA star Andre Drummond on social media and had a brief fling with him in August 2013.

The brief union came to an end the following year.

Paul Glaser

Jennette previously dated Paul Glaser while she was a cast member of the popular Nickelodeon show.

On the iCarly set, Paul managed the scripts in the background.

The actress explained her relationship with her mother to Vulture in 2015, saying, “I put my feelings of love toward someone other than my mother, who had been the recipient of all that love up until that point.”

Before Jennette’s mother passed away in 2013, the couple split up.

According to Jennette, “I needed to go through that loss on my own.” I believed I would become overly attached to another person if I invested too much of myself in them.

Graham Patrick Martin

The Two and a Half Men actor Graham Patrick Martin and the blonde podcast host were rumored to be dating when they were teenagers, but they never confirmed it.

From 2004 to 2008, Graham and Jennette are thought to have been dating. In 2009, the actor guest-starred on iCarly.


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