Who Sings the Part of Pinocchio in the Live-Action Disney Movie? Meet the Young Actor, Age 13


Pinocchio will soon be portrayed in live action. On September 8 on Disney+ Day, a brand-new live-action and CGI version of the well-known story will make its debut. Pinocchio embarks on an exciting journey to become a real boy after Geppetto builds him and treats him like his own son.

In the latest live-action Disney movie, Pinocchio is brought to life in amazing ways. You might be wondering who voices Pinocchio as you watch the movie. HollywoodLife has all the information you require.


Who Sings the Part of Pinocchio in the Live-Action Disney Movie?

Pinocchio is voiced by Benjamin Evan Ainsworth in the live-action Disney movie. Dick Jones provided the voice for the character in the 1940 animated film. Benjamin was on the set every day, acting with the other cast members and saying his lines even though the character had been created by a computer.

Ben Ainsworth is perfect for the role of Pinocchio. Ben entered the scene like a pro. He was all set. He was aware of his obligations. He arrived and was available to deliver constantly. Robert Zemeckis, the director, said in a statement that the actor is fantastic.

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Finding the ideal voice actors for certain roles was another topic the director covered. “They must comprehend this invisible wall in this circumstance. They must be performing. They cannot simply stand there and read lines when they are not on camera. They must be acting and performing the lines. Finding the right actor for the part is always important, whether it’s live-action or visual effects. My voice actors are all amazing.

The appearance of the character in the 1940 animated film that served as its inspiration for the new Pinocchio. The character in the live-action version is three-dimensional and has a wood grain because he is made of wood, which, like skin, needs to move precisely when he is a live puppet. When you ‘dimensionalize’ an animated character, you always have to make changes, Robert said.

Benjamin joins a stellar cast of characters. In Pinocchio, Keegan-Michael Key plays Honest John, Keegan-Levitt plays Jiminy Cricket, Cynthia Erivo plays the Blue Fairy, Joseph Gordon-Levitt plays Geppetto, and Lorraine Bracco plays Sofia.

Who Is Benjamin Evan Ainsworth?

Even though Benjamin is only 13 years old, he already has a lengthy resume. Benjamin was a notable cast member in the 2020 Netflix limited series The Haunting of Bly Manor before voicing the character of Pinocchio. His character was Miles Wingrave.

Benjamin Evan Ainsworth

The young actor recently finished filming the lead part in the Joe and Anthony Russo-produced movie All Fun & Games. Additionally, he made an appearance in season one of The Sandman on Netflix. In 2021’s Flora & Ulysses on Disney+, he received his first acting credit.

In his spare time, Benjamin likes to play hockey and rugby. He supports Liverpool FC fiercely. He also enjoys playing the drums, singing, writing songs, and producing music.


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