Who was DyShea Upshaw, the star of Dancing Dolls 4 Life?

DyShea Upshaw, the show’s star, died on June 13, 2022, according to Dianna Williams, the show’s coach.

Upshaw’s cause of death is unknown, but her coach and teammates announced her death on social media.


“Today is one of the hardest ever…… my team in all three cities is broken…they all talked, met, texted, FaceTimed, traveled, and celebrated with each other… this child had an effect on all of us and left something with us all that we will never forget,” the Dollhouse Dance Factory wrote on Instagram.

Upshaw was a member of the Dancing Dolls 4 Life troupe, which gained fame after appearing on Lifetime’s dance competition Bring It! in 2013 premiered

It’s your turn! Before ending in 2019, it ran for four seasons.

Dianna Williams, Upshaw’s coach, broke the news to her and expressed her shock, saying she couldn’t believe the dancer had died and couldn’t fathom how she could have died.

“(Upshaw) was fearless and would always try to elevate herself and everyone else in the dollhouse,” Williams wrote, describing Upshaw’s personality and kindness.

“She was constantly motivating and encouraging her sisters!”

“I could always count on her to have LOUD HAIR,” she says.

“She wаs “DAH SHEEKEE!” to me!” Why is this hаppening? I don’t know whаt to sаy…

“I’ll miss your guffаws!!” Your smile will be missed!

“Prаy for her fаmily, friends, аnd the entire Dаncing Dolls orgаnizаtion… we аre NOT ok!”

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