Who worked for the Kray Twins’ firm, The Firm?


The most well-known criminal organization in British history—possibly—is THE FIRM.

Here, we examine the employees of the Kray twins’ firm and what transpired to them.


Who was in The Firm?

The Kray twins, who also included their older brother Charlie in the gang, served as the group’s two main members.

However, they employed a large number of associates at this time.

According to The Kray Twins Wiki, they included:

Numerous long-term employees of the firm included Tony and Chris Lambrianou, Eric Mason, and Freddie Foreman.

What were The Firm known for?

The company was primarily known for its involvement in violent crimes such as protection gangs, fraud, and organized crime.

The Company operated in a number of East London neighborhoods, including Bethnal Green, Bow, Mile End, Whitechapel, Cambridge Heath, and Haggerston.

What happened to The Firm?

The Scotland Yard police officers who had been keeping an eye on the Krays’ movements detained them after Reggie killed his former business partner Jack “The Hat” McVitie.

The twins were found guilty of murder and given a life sentence at the Old Bailey on March 4, 1969.

Who were the other big gangs at the time?

The Richardson gang, led by brothers Charlie and Eddie Richardson, was the Krays’ main adversaries.

The 1966 murder of George Cornell by Ronnie Kray was one of several high-profile incidents involving the two gangs.

Thе Manchеstеr-basеd Quality Strееt Gang was anothеr gang activе at this timе.

Whilе somе sourcеs claim thеy got into a fight with thе Kray twins in thе 1960s, othеrs quеstion thеir еxistеncе bеcausе nonе of thе mеmbеrs wеrе еvеr put in jail for any of thеir allеgеd crimеs.

UK’s most notorious gangstеrs and criminals


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