Whoopi Goldberg, host of The View, opens up about feeling “mad as hell” during a heated rant on the air.


On Monday’s episode of The View, WHOOPI Goldberg went on a rant about the things that have been driving her “mad as hell” recently.

In the most recent episode, the 67-year-old moderator vented her frustrations right after the show returned from commercial.



Midway through Monday’s episode, after a commercial break, Whoopi explained that she just couldn’t shake whatever was bothering her that morning.

A discussion of “Democratic leaders and what’s going on with them,” she said, would be the first topic of this segment, but she had to vent about something first.

Whoopi started off by saying, “I just want to say for this table, I hate daylight savings time.”

“I hate it! Hate. It,” she insisted.

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Because it was pitch black when I got up this morning to come here,” the moderator continued.

But that’s not the topic at hand. But what I am saying is that I am extremely enraged.

With that out of the way, the host could finally move on to the show’s scheduled topic.

Whoopi last week became animated for an entirely different reason on her talk show.

To prevent Alyssa Farah Griffin from deviating from the topic at hand during a heated discussion, the moderator abruptly cut her off.

California’s decision not to renew its $54 million contract with Walgreens over Walgreens’ refusal to dispense abortion pills was a topic of discussion among The View panelists.

Alyssa broke into the flow of the conversation to bring up an entirely new subject.

But first, she returned to her “friend” Governor Gavin Newsom, who she claimed “decided to take a vacation while people are dying in San Bernardino.”

Whoopi Goldberg cut her off before she could finish, and she never got a chance to explain herself.

Clearly irritated, the moderator exclaimed, “That has nothing to do with what we’re talking about right now!”

Alyssa started to say, “No, but,” but Whoopi cut her off again.

The Till actress insisted: “Let’s stick to this!”




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