Will the FA Cup final go to extra time or will it be decided on penalties?

At Wembley Stadium today, Chelsea will face Liverpool in the FA Cup final.

The Blues and the Reds have been two of the best teams in the Premier League this season, so fans can expect a close match later today.


After 90 minutes of action, there is plenty of room for a draw, which could lead to a tense finish for both teams’ fans.

Will FA Cup final go to extra-time or penalties?

Due to fixture congestion and Coronavirus, the FA Cup format has changed this season.

Replays were eliminated to ease the minds of teams dealing with a hectic football schedule.

Extra time has been used throughout this season’s competition.

If Chelsea’s final match against Leicester ends in a draw after 90 minutes, both teams will be forced to play for at least another 30 minutes.

Penalties will be used only if the game is still tied after 120 minutes, as is customary.

Extrа time hаsn’t been used in the FA Cup finаl since Mаnchester United defeаted Crystаl Pаlаce 2-1 in 2016.

The lаst time the FA Cup finаl required penаlties wаs in 2006, when Liverpool beаt West Hаm 3-3 аfter а 3-3 drаw.

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