With a silk blue robe, Danielle Colby of American Pickers bares her curves and chest tattoos in a new racy photo.


New photos of AMERICAN PICKERS star Danielle Colby showing off her curvy body have garnered a lot of attention.

The reality TV star posted the revealing photo to Instagram on Monday.


She recently shared a photo of her looking unrecognizable dressed as a 'man in drag' for a Burlesque show


Danielle wore a blue silk robe that showed off her ink work on the chest and hands.

She wore a brown belt with her light pink heels, a blue headband, and long dangling earrings.

Posing for photos, the History Channel star sat cross-legged on a green-wired patio chair with a navy blue cushion.

In the patio setting, Danielle was surrounded by lush, green tropical plants; some of them were even mounted on the sunny yellow wall behind her.

American Pickers' Danielle looks unrecognizable in never-before-seen photo
Danielle Colby looks completely unrecognizable with short hair in photo with son

She explained the background’s significance by linking it to the history of Chartreuse liqueur, which she found on Wikipedia.

In the comments, supporters of the star gushed over her attractiveness and unique history.


Danielle had only days before shocked her fans by posting an almost unrecognizable photo of herself on the social media site.

In the photo, she is seen performing at the Nashville Burlesque Festival while dressed as a “man in drag.”

The American Pickers star sported a cowboy hat and a black mustache for her Halloween getup.

She accessorized her denim skirt with a brown belt and a bright blue buckle to achieve the western look.

In the end, Danielle concluded her lengthy post with the words, “It’s so interesting to think that the last time I performed as a man in drag.”

She went on to describe her experience at the Nashville Burlesque festival: “I was there with my friends, family, and insanely talented performers.

These artists were “embracing creativity in all its forms,” as one reviewer put it, “by performing burlesque and drag.”

The 47-year-old continued, “There were so many ticket sales that we had to close the doors. The show, which was completely sold out, was amazing.


The television star had recently posted a nostalgic photo of her firstborn son, Miles.

The first picture features the mother and son striking a pose while sitting on the verdant grass.

Danielle wrote: “Thinking of my son Miles today.”

The star wrote in her Story that she is “always proud” of her 26-year-old son.

She posted a second picture of Miles from a protest he attended.

Holding a picket sign that read “UAW (United Auto Worker) – On Strike,” he was among the striking workers.

When Danielle wrote that she was “missing my baby boy” in an earlier post, she wasn’t kidding.

Miles propped up his feet and smiled for the camera in the black and white photo, but he was facing the other way.

In the same week, Memphis, Danielle’s daughter, posted racy photos from a photo shoot to her Instagram account.

The 21-year-old model took to the water shirtless, seemingly reenacting some of her mother’s most iconic photographs.

I can’t think of a more perfect place to be right now than right here,” she wrote as the caption.

One fan wrote, “You are gorgeous!” while another added, “Beautiful!” and the response from fans was overwhelming.


Danielle and her ex-husband and the father of her children, Chad Cushman, led a humble existence before she became a TV star.

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The two were married in 2004, but they divorced four years later.

Now that she’s engaged to Jeremy Scheuch, Danielle has moved on.

She also recently gushed over her son Miles by sharing a throwback photo


Danielle's daughter Memphis has also been flaunting her figure in racy snap online


Danielle shares her two children, Miles and Memphis, with her ex-husband Chad Cushman



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