Woman gets bitten by a slithering snake as she opens the front door.

When a woman opened her front door, a snake bit her just above the eye, but she managed to survive and tell the story.

When Mara Jo Thomas opened the door to her Kentucky home after being alerted of its presence by her daughter Kenley, the slippery grey and brown intruder had wrapped itself around a ‘God bless America’ hanger.

There is seriously never a dull moment in my life, the mother of three wrote on Facebook in response to the story.

I was bitten by a snake today just above my eye. When Kenley saw it from outside and began screaming bloody murder, I opened the door naturally, and boom — it hit me!

The snake has coiled itself around a door hanger

(Image: Mara Jo Thomas/Facebook)

Thank goodness it wasn’t poisonous and avoided my actual eye!

“Poor K&M have helped me through a snake bite and a gallbladder attack! Who knows what will occur next?

She drove herself to the hospital to have the bite examined; it left two marks along the brow and socket of her right eye, but no anti-venom was required, and no treatment was required either.

Mara continued, “I’ll never have another door hanger,” though it’s unclear what happened to the snake.

Mara went to hospital, but needed no treatment

(Image: Mara Jo Thomas/Facebook)

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One of the Facebook users who expressed their condolences to their friend wrote: “Girl, you are so blessed. Thank goodness you’re ok. What a frightening experience.

One more person commented, “Oh my goodness! I would’ve suffered a stroke!

In the US state оf Kentucky, there are abоut 33 native snake species, fоur оf which are pоisоnоus: the cоpperhead, timber rattlesnake, cоttоnmоuth, and pigmy rattlesnake. Hоwever, mоst оf these snakes are harmless, and bites are extremely uncоmmоn.

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