Worried that he will be overthrown, Putin has been clearing forests around Moscow to build MORE air defenses.


Vladimir Putin, the paranoid, has been clearing forests near Moscow to build more anti-aircraft guns.

With his overthrow imminent due to the disastrous war in Ukraine, images from Russia’s capital show the tyrant has laid waste to vast areas of forest.


Another pictures reveals how a Losiny Ostrov park has been cleared for missiles


An S-400 air defence missile in central Moscow


As his disastrous war continues, Putin appears humiliated and terrified of being eliminated.

Trees were cleared out of the way to make way for the installation of more effective S-400 anti-aircraft missile defense systems.

The weapon can reach an altitude of about 18 miles, making it effective against cruise and ballistic missiles as well as aircraft.

This follows Putin’s deployment of Pantsir-S1 and S-400 air defense systems to rooftops in Moscow and in the vicinity of his hidden forest palace.

A new investigation by the independent news outlet The Insider has revealed before and after photos of the situation.

In related news, Ukrainian attack drones have flown within a mere 60 miles of Moscow.

Putin has risked his own capital by unleashing war in Europe, as evidenced by the massive clearance.

The logging that has occurred in the Kuryanovo neighborhood of Moscow is particularly graphic.

Damage near Moscow’s Kolomenskoye Park, where many locals used to spend their free time, continues to mount.

The Timiryazev Agricultural Academy has installed an S-400 and 96L6E all-altitude radar on their property.

A similar setup can be found in the Bogorodskoye district to the northeast of Moscow’s Losiny Island park reserve.

What was once Europe’s largest garbage dump, the Salaryevo landfill, is now the site of a massive military deployment.

Recent construction in Moscow includes the installation of the Pantsir-S1 system on top of the Army General Staff headquarters and in the area around the Taganskaya metro station.

As if to reassure the nervous president, the system was recently spotted just six miles from Putin’s official residence near Moscow.

The advanced launcher is equipped with anti-aircraft guns and radar-guided rockets that can destroy aircraft as far away as 12 miles.

Near Putin’s lavish mansion on Lake Valdai, another was spotted.

Russian President Vladimir Putin’s 39-year-old mistress, gymnast Alina Kabaeva, is rumored to be partial to a lavish retreat concealed by dense vegetation.

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It has been speculated that she and Putin have anywhere from two to four young children together, but their 13-year romance has never been confirmed.

Both of his residences are now safe from any drone or long-range missile attacks that might originate in Ukraine.

A Pantsir S-1 defence system appears to be positioned on top of the headquarters of Russia's defence ministry


Another has been installed just six miles from Putin's residence



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