WWE superstar Randy Orton, according to Drew McIntyre, could turn on Riddle.


Drew McIntyre, a two-time WWE Champion, believes Randy Orton will turn on Riddle and break their tag team, rather than the other way around. Drew McIntyre was asked about WWE RAW stars he could team up with in the future during a recent appearance on Turnbuckle Talk. The Scotsman lamented the fact that several of his teammates had previously turned against him. McIntyre discussed the possibility of teaming up with Riddle and believes the former United States Champion will signal a heel turn. He believes that Riddle and Randy Orton’s team, RKBro, will break up, and that Orton will be the one to turn on Riddle. After recently getting in the ring with current United States Champion Damian Priest,

“Riddle as well (has impressed). He’s so happy go lucky. If he was going to turn on you, he’d foreshadow it. He’s too nice. I don’t trust Randy. If you’re Riddle, everyone knows what’s going to happen. If Riddle turns on Randy, I will eat my hat. I don’t own a hat, I’ll buy one and eat it,” said Drew McIntyre. (H/T Fightful)

Randy Orton and Riddle formed a partnership on WWE RAW earlier this year after Riddle asked The Viper if he wanted to be in a team.

RKBro’s run on WWE RAW

That idea was initially rejected by Orton, but he eventually agreed to it.

At SummerSlam, the duo defeаted AJ Styles аnd Omos to win the RAW Tаg Teаm titles. RKBro аppeаred to hаve broken up when Orton lаnded аn RKO on Riddle lаst month, but they reformed аfter Riddle sаved Orton from аn аttаck by AJ Styles аnd Omos on the Red brаnd.

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