Yolanda Hadid Responds to a TikTok that Calls Her Gigi & Bella’s “Worst Mom Ever”: Watch

One TikTok user accused Yolanda Hadid, 58, of being a bad mother and “starving” her daughters at the beginning of their modeling careers. Yolanda Hadid responded by clapping back at the user. The mother of the supermodels Gigi Hadid, 27, and Bella Hadid, 25, who are currently dominating the runways of high fashion, was shown in the user’s viral video, which also contained several clips of the mother and the supermodels interacting. One in particular showed her telling Gigi to “have a couple of almonds” after she complained of feeling “weak” after only eating “half an almond,” and that appeared to be the focus of her own response video, which can be seen below.

While holding a sizable bowl of only almonds, Yolanda can be seen performing a variety of actions in her video. She carried the bowl and occasionally bit into the nuts as she went about her day doing things like walking, driving, hanging out with animals, and even meditation. She was dressed in a white zip-up jacket and leggings, and had her hair pulled back into a ponytail. She tagged almonds in the video with the hashtag “#worstmomever.”

Yolanda appeared to be making the video in an attempt to add humor to the social media app, but TikTok flagged it and included a warning for viewers. The warning stated, “Taking part in this activity could result in you or others getting hurt.”

Gigi Hadid, Yolanda Hadid, Bella Hadid

Yolanda returned from her “nine-month social media detox” in August with a photo and her most recent response video. She appeared at ease and was beaming in the picture as she sat outside in the sunshine and breathed in her surroundings. In the post’s lengthy caption, she discussed how she needed to temporarily focus on improving both her physical and mental health.

“Reevaluating my life after a 9-month hiatus from social media. I struggled greatly with depression after the death of my mother, which was followed by a relapse of my lyme disease,” she wrote. My immune system was adversely affected by the emotional stress and grief. The fact that I became addicted to my phone and it started to consume so much of my time didn’t help either. It’s so simple to lose yourself in other people’s stories and stop living and loving your own.

“Sending a text message is much simpler than making a phone call. We are all accountable for it, she added. “I came to the realization that we are gradually losing the ability to communicate, and this is making us feel extremely lonely. Remember the good old days when you could call people without constantly feeling obligated to respond to emails, texts, and hours of eye-straining social media scrolling? Those were the days of pagers and flip phones.

Anyhow, she added, “Time to break the habit of picking up my phone 50 times a day. This has been a wonderful reset.” “I’m learning to put my attention on myself, my health journey, and being in the moment. Time has slowed down and feels much calmer now. I have more time to sit down and actually read a book, spend time with my family, and be creative.

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