You’re Furious That Roblox Kicked You With Error 268, Right? How To Repair A Client Error

You have been kicked due to unexpected client behavior (Error Code: 268), did you try to launch Roblox and were met with this message instead? If you did, you undoubtedly want to know how to fix the issue so you can resume playing.

Fear not; it’s not some unavoidable bug. If you see this message, you either have a connection problem or the system thinks you’re cheating because connecting took too long. Here’s how to resolve your Roblox Error 268 issue.

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When addressing any tech issue, start with the basics. Yes, sometimes the simplest solution to the dreaded Error 268 is to simply shut down your PC. Recite after me the golden rule of the IT guys: “did you try turning it off and on again?”

Wait a second. Run Roblox after starting it up. Typically, it works. If it did, kudos to you! I hope you keep the IT guys’ golden rule in mind as you go through life. If not, you can try a different solution by using the DNS cache on your computer.

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Here is how to resolve Error Code 268. The article continues below the advertisement.

The directory that your computer uses to connect to various web pages quickly and easily is called the DNS cache. Ironically, the bugged Roblox game you are playing is actually acting in the exact opposite way because something has ‘poisoned’ the cache. When administrative errors or technical hiccups occur and are inserted into the DNS cache, the DNS cache becomes corrupted. That makes the error, which ordinarily would vanish after a reboot, persist.

The Error 268 code is connected to cheating in the Roblox system. Because viruses and cheats frequently work by inserting invalid entries in the DNS cache, they suspect fraud in cases of Error 268. Though the phrase “kicked for unexpected client behavior” sounds unsettlingly like a ban, don’t worry—you haven’t been banned or anything—and you can resolve the Error 268 message.

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Error 268 unexpected client error need not indicate that you were dishonest.

To begin, enter “command prompt” into your computer’s search bar and then right-click it to choose “run as administrator.” Take care when entering information on this screen. Enter after typing “ipconfig /flushdns” in full, without any quotation marks. If everything went well, you would see the following:

Windows IP Configuration

Successfully flushed the DNS Resolver Cache

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Hit enter after typing “ipconfig /renew” on the same screen. Hit enter after entering “winsock reset.” Finally, avoid simply shutting the window. Enter “exit” after typing it. Your DNS cache has been successfully cleared and refreshed, and your Roblox account may now function.

But you can now also access your control panel, go to the “network and sharing center,” and then choose “change adapter settings.” To access your network’s properties, right-click on it. The properties button in the window should be clicked after selecting Internal Protocol version 4. Type next to “preferred DNS server” and under “alternate DNS server” before hitting “exit.” Your Roblox account must now function properly.

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