You’re making one of these three major errors when using the Home Screen on your iPhone: millions of other users out there already have you beat.


You may look at the Home screen of your iPhone several times a day, so it’s important that you know how to use it properly.

Several clever iPhone modifications can be extremely helpful.


To help you get the most out of your Home Screen, we’ve selected three of the best…

iPhone trick #1 – Hide Home Screens

Do you wish to organize your Home Screen? In addition to deleting apps, you can now also conceal cluttered pages.

Since Apple released the iPhone in 2007, users have rapidly increased their app libraries.

It’s likely that you have multiple Home Screens full of games, social media apps, and other content, even if you keep them organized in folders.

Hiding a Home Screen page is simple.

To get your app icons to wiggle, press and hold the Home button for a few seconds.

The next step is to select the pill-shaped bubble at the bottom of your screen, which normally indicates which Home Screen you are currently viewing.

This will take you to a page where you can “untick” the checkboxes next to individual Home Screens to make them invisible.

Simply select the Done button in the upper right hand corner when you’re finished.

If you ever change your mind and want to reveal these pages, they are still perfectly preserved and accessible.

If you prefer, you can also choose to keep them out of sight.

The apps on your secret page remain on your device even after you delete the page. You can still get to them by swiping left to the very last page of the App Library on your iPhone.

iPhone trick #2 – hidden buttons

There are a lot of buttons you might not know about on your iPhone’s Home screen.

You might have stumbled upon a feature Apple calls Quick Actions.

If you hold down on an app’s icon on the iPhone’s Home Screen, a hidden menu will appear.

Numerous apps include a “secret” button within the icon.

As an example, you can send a quick message to your favorite contacts by doing a long press on the Apple Messages app.

If you do this in the Settings app, you’ll unlock a hidden menu with quick access to your device’s wireless networks, Bluetooth, mobile data, and the battery.

If you press and hold the Photos icon, a search bar appears, allowing you to locate pictures rapidly.

Use this drop-down to quickly access images from a “Year Ago” album.

There are also shortcuts to your Most Recent and Favorite items.

When you press and hold Apple Maps, you can find nearby places with ease.

This menu also allows you to quickly save or share your current location.

In order to quickly switch between shooting modes, you can hold down the Apple camera app’s icon.

Selfie, Portrait, Portrait Selfie, and Video Recording all fall under this category.

Quick Actions isn’t exclusive to Apple apps; other apps can take advantage of it as well.

Recently, we shared how this technique can be used to access WhatsApp’s secret menu.

You can use it to share your WhatsApp QR code, open the app’s camera, initiate a new conversation, or conduct a search within your chat history.

You can start a new Direct Message, check out your recent activity, write a new post, or access the app’s camera by selecting the appropriate option from the Instagram menu.

iPhone trick #3 – move fast!

The Home Screen pages can be quickly flipped through, and multiple apps can be moved simultaneously.

You know it’s a pain to rearrange your iPhone’s apps if you’ve ever tried it.

To move app icons from one page to another, you must first long-press to make them jiggle, and then drag.

But there’s a neat trick that can do the job in half the time.

First, hold an app down until it wiggles.

That’s Apple’s indication that an app is ready to be released.

Then, lift the app with one finger so that it floats between the shelves.

Use a second finger to tap on a different app while you’re still holding the first one.

By doing so, you can now drag and drop both applications as a unit.

Keep your finger pressed on the screen to keep adding apps to the stack.

Then, drag and drop each application to its appropriate location (or folder).

It’s also annoying to have to drag apps to the edge of the screen and then wait for the panel to shift positions in order to move them.

But there’s an easier way.

But there’s a much easier way to do it.

Hold an app until it begins to wiggle, and then gently slide it out of its slot.

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You can use the other hand you’re not holding the app with to swipe between screens.

The app you are “holding” will be transferred to the other screen as well.


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