Zach Shallcross’ ‘gross’ kissing scenes on The Bachelor were interrupted by an ‘annoying’ editing trick, according to enraged viewers.


Producers have come under fire from BACHELOR viewers for allegedly editing Zach Shallcross’ kissing scenes improperly.

While criticizing the show’s star’s lip-locking skills, viewers claimed that those in charge of the production turned up the volume on this season’s smooches.


The Bachelor’s episode from last Monday featured a lot of kissing.

Fans weren’t loving it even though it seemed like love was in the air when the cast traveled to the Bahamas.

Many commented on how awkward and bad Zach’s numerous kisses appeared, while others were fixated on how loud his numerous makeout sessions sounded.

We all know he’s a s**t lover, but the producers try to fool us into thinking he’s a good kisser with this corny a** music and this overblown kissing sound effect, one critic commented on a Bachelor fan account.

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Someone should tally up how many times Zach kisses in each episode and round it up at the end, a viewer tweeted. He ALWAYS gives a kiss.

A third fan tweeted: “I’d love nothing more than for whoever is responsible for amplifying the sound of kissing on #TheBachelor to serve a life sentence in this worst prison on the planet,” saying it with every bone and fiber in their body.

They really just want us to know how bad of a kisser he is, said someone else.

I havе a sеrious quеstion: Do thе Bachеlor еditors turn up thе sound on kissеs bеcausе thе mouth noisеs arе cacophonous, anothеr fan twееtеd.

Your wееkly rеmindеr that Zach isn’t a good kissеr, a sixth commеntеr wrotе.


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