A Bold Move for a Bright Future: Kamala Harris Steps Forward, Paving the Path for Joe Biden’s Well-Earned Retirement


Why Biden and Harris Should Step Aside: Boosting Democratic Chances in 2024

In the current political landscape, the Democrats are facing a significant challenge. President Joe Biden’s popularity remains low, with many Democrats believing he is too old to run for re-election. Meanwhile, Vice President Kamala Harris is even less popular. As the Republican frontrunner, former President Donald Trump, maintains a 30-point lead against his closest rivals, the Democrats need to take bold action if they are serious about defeating Trump. This article argues that Kamala Harris should resign, allowing Joe Biden to retire gracefully and giving the Democrats a greater chance of winning the presidency in 2024.

The Importance of Defeating Trump

The Democrats claim that defeating Trump is their top priority. To accomplish this, they must listen to the people and find fresh, vigorous candidates who can avoid a Biden-Trump rematch. Unfortunately, the ongoing influence of political correctness within the party is preventing them from doing so. By trusting the people to choose new candidates through an open primary season, the Democrats would greatly improve their chances of winning the presidency.

The One-Term Vow

Many Americans voted for Biden with the assumption that he would serve only one term, given his advanced age. In 2019, just weeks after Biden’s 77th birthday, his camp leaked a story to Politico suggesting that he was considering a one-term vow. Biden himself signaled to his aides that he had no intention of running for re-election in 2024, stating that it was “virtually inconceivable.” This narrative helped to neutralize concerns about Biden’s age and lack of vigor.

The Search for a Suitable Heir-Apparent

The selection of a suitable running mate was critical to Biden’s implicit agreement with his voters. Many believed that four years of Biden’s presidency would pave the way for his vice president to easily win the 2024 election. The scramble to become Biden’s running mate was akin to auditioning for the future leader of the Democratic Party. Unfortunately, Vice President Kamala Harris has been a disappointment.

Harris’s Failings as Vice President

Harris has earned her 54 percent disapproval rating through her inarticulate and ineffective performance. She has done little to advance the administration’s goals or impress voters. When matched against Donald Trump in one-on-one polls, she fares worse than Biden. This underperformance makes it clear that if President Biden wants his party to win in 2024, he must learn from the example set by Franklin D. Roosevelt.

Learning from FDR

FDR dropped his first Vice President John Nance Garner in 1940 and then replaced Garner’s successor, Henry Wallace, in 1944. These calculated moves allowed more centrist and suitable candidates, like Harry Truman, to assume the presidency. However, Biden lacks the maneuverability that Roosevelt had. Dropping Harris risks triggering a divisive backlash and branding Biden as racist and sexist in today’s identity-focused Democratic Party.

The Only Way to Beat Trump

Unfortunately, dropping Harris may be the only way for the Democrats to defeat Trump in 2024. If Vice President Harris wants to save America from Donald Trump, she needs to save the Democrats from herself and Joe Biden. A joint vow from Harris and Biden not to run again in 2024 would enhance their historical reputations and boost Democratic optimism for the upcoming election. Such audacity might even encourage Republicans to reconsider their loyalty to Trump, which cost them the presidency in 2020 and the Senate in 2020 and 2022.

The Beloved Retirees

While American culture tends to disapprove of quitters, the example set by George Washington, who retired after two terms, shows that there can be a virtuous aspect to stepping aside. If Biden and Harris were to voluntarily retire after one term, they would be beloved by their allies in January 2025. Such a move would also help keep the White House in Democratic hands. The alternative, if they don’t step aside, could have dire consequences for the Democrats in the upcoming election.

A Foresighted Exit for Biden and Harris

If President Biden and Vice President Harris want the Democratic Party to have the best chance of defeating Donald Trump in 2024, they should consider stepping aside. By retiring gracefully and making way for fresh, energized candidates, they would greatly enhance the party’s chances of victory. This foresighted exit would secure their historical reputations and ensure a stronger Democratic presence in the White House for the next four years.


The Democrats face a difficult decision if they want to defeat Donald Trump in 2024. While dropping Vice President Kamala Harris may trigger backlash, it may also be the only way for the party to secure victory. By stepping aside and allowing new, dynamic candidates to take the reins, President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris would bolster their historical reputations and increase Democratic optimism for the upcoming election. Such audacity might even inspire Republicans to reconsider their loyalty to Donald Trump, ultimately benefiting the Democrats in their quest for the presidency.


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