A father of two who was nearly killed by a gang for “asking for directions” was left a “broken man.”

STAFFORDSHIRE, ENGLAND: A businessman who asked a group of young people for directions was almost killed by them.

After the terrifying incident on Friday morning, September 23, 49-year-old Shaun Mollon has been left a “broken man” who is terrified of human contact. The brutal attack, which took place in a parking lot off of Burton-on-Trent’s High Street, left the father of two with broken jaw, eye socket, and cheekbone. Mollon, the director of his own packaging company Plazology, underwent emergency surgery in his hometown of York to reconstruct his face using metal plates and pins.


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Mollon’s troubled wife Julianne told Staffordshire Live, “It’s destroyed our lives.” “He is terrified of even the smallest noise and avoids having anyone touch him. His survival is a blessing.

Although the nightmare occurred more than two weeks ago, it wasn’t made public until now due to the seriousness of his wounds. According to reports, Mollon visited Burton for business and went out to dinner and drinks with his coworkers. Mollon decided to call it a night and returned to his hotel because he had work the next day. But after making a wrong turn and getting lost, he decided to ask for help when he spotted some young people in the parking lot off High Street. Following that, he was jumped from behind and severely beaten. The vicious gang, which included two young girls and young people in their 20s, fled the scene in a car while leaving the father and husband lying on the ground. After regaining consciousness, Mollon was able to return to his coworkers without having anything stolen from him. He was taken right away to a hospital.

He hasn’t left his room in a week and is completely broken, Julianne said. “He isn’t who he used to be. He constantly feels scared, and he frequently experiences flashbacks as memories keep returning to him and the initial impact is replayed. It’s horrible,” she continued, “and it’s been really hard on us all. Due to the fact that he doesn’t act or look like her father, my daughter has been very upset. He is a damaged man. His survival is a blessing. Running away is such a cruel and callous thing to do. He might have passed away. She continued, “I just hope that someone who witnessed it has a conscience and thinks this isn’t right. He was on his own and had a few pints, he was vulnerable.”


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On Thursday, September 29, Mollon underwent reconstructive surgery after initially being taken to Queen’s Hospital in Burton. He was sent home to York by the medical professionals because the surgery couldn’t be done until the swelling had gone down. His devastated wife claimed that the painful experience has left him unable to eat or drink and that it has had a significant negative impact on his mental health. Julianne recalled that her husband called her at three in the morning that day, but she hardly understood him because of his broken jaw. She explained, “I just got up and I was sick. As soon as I could, I got a friend to take me to Derby as I wasn’t fit to drive.

However, a Staffordshire Police spokesperson acknowledged that the force was looking for those responsible for the beating. In a statement, they stated that “officers are appealing for information following an assault in Burton-upon-Trent.” “The incident happened on September 23 at around 2:30 in the morning in the parking lot of the Meadowside Leisure Center on High Street. A 49-year-old man’s jaw was broken among other serious facial injuries.

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