A Loch Ness Monster sighting has been reported from China, 5,300 miles away.


The first ever Loch Ness Monster sighting has been reported from China.

Weiming Jiang used a webcam to spot Nessie from 5,300 miles away in Jiaozhou City.


Weiming Jiang of China has reported the first-ever Loch Ness Monster sighting via webcam[/caption]

Gary Campbell of the Official Loch Ness Monster Sightings Register said: “She saw a black dot, then two, very close to the shore.” “They moved for six minutes on the water..”

“It’s the first confirmed sighting from China, but it just goes to show that Nessie can be seen from anywhere in the world.”

Gary has 14 sightings this year, nine of which were captured by a webcam overlooking a Scottish loch. One came from Matt Reddick in Dallas, Texas, for

. Another came from Eoin O’Faodhagain in Ireland’s Co Donegal. Last month, the Scanlon family from Hillingdon, West London, was on a boat when its sonar detected something up to four meters long 20 meters down.


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There hаve been 1,143 recorded over the centuries. However, the most fаmous Nessie photogrаph, tаken in 1934, wаs lаter reveаled to be а hoаx during а deаthbed confession.



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