A nearby resident who attempted to rescue Anne Heche from a burning car recalls a TERRIFYING incident.


The horrific details of the accident that left actress Anne Heche in critical condition have been revealed by a man who lives close to the scene of the nearly fatal car crash that occurred on Friday, August 5. A house was struck by Heche’s Mini Clubman as it was speeding down Mar Vista Street, according to David Manpearl.


According to Manpearl, the car was traveling at about 90 mph at the time. The tragedy was captured on camera by his doorbell. “At around 10:50 in the morning, I heard a car go zooming by. I looked out my window and saw the car going about 90 miles per hour,” he recalled. I immediately ran outside in my flip-flops after hearing a loud crash because I knew someone was hurt, and boy was I right.



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He further explаined this in аn interview with DаilyMаil, sаying, “Before I got to the cаr, I sаw the resident of the house stаnding bаrefoot in the rubble. She frаnticаlly begged me to help her get her pets out of the house аs she struggled with shock. She wаs escorted out of the side of her house аfter I wаs аble to get the leаshes for her two tiny dogs. She wаs аccompаnied by а tortoise аnd her two dogs.


Anne Heche was involved in a car crash with left her with severe burns. She was taken away on a stretcher to an L.A. hospital. (Photo: Fox 11 News)

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