A YouTuber known for filming eerie abandoned buildings has died after falling down a fire escape while filming his most recent video.


A YOUTUBER who became famous for filming abandoned buildings has tragically died while filming his latest video. On September 10, Dmitry Beshentsev died after falling from a fire escape in an abandoned building in Moscow, Russia’s capital.


Dmitry Beshentsev died on September 10[/caption]


The YouTuber died on September 10[/caption]


The 34-year-old fell from an abandoned building in Moscow, Russia[/caption]

On September 10, Besh

His friends were able to climb to the building’s roof to take photos, but a fire ladder gave way while Beshentsev was resting on it.

His friends watched in horror as the YouTuber died after falling five stories.

In one of his most recent videos, Beshentsev was filmed taking a dinghy ride through one of Moscow’s abandoned water tunnels.

It’s unclear whether the incident is still being investigated by local authorities. Dima Vert, also known as Dima, was a 34-year-old YouTuber who specialized in filming abandoned buildings on his channel “Beam of the Inquisition.” He had over 80,000 subscribers.

Beshentsev isn’t the only Youtuber who hаs died while filming а video for this chаnnel.



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Beshentsev specialized in filming abandoned buildings[/caption]


Beshentsev specialized in filming abandoned buildings[/caption]

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