According to a study, spending just five minutes on social media is enough to make you miserable.


A study discovered that spending less than five minutes on social media can make you miserable. When people are scrolling through Twitter or watching YouTube, their moods are quickly ruined when they come across bad news.


A study found that spending less than five minutes on social media can make you miserable[/caption]

University of Essex researchers discovered that people who saw bad Covid-related news while on social media experienced an “immediate and significant” reduction in happiness. They claimed that this could happen in two to four minutes, but that if people looked for posts that showed acts of kindness instead, they would be less likely to be in a bad mood. “Even a few minutes of exposure to Covid-related news on social media can ruin a person’s mood,” the team, led by psychologist Dr. Kathryn Buchanan, said. “We should all be aware of these effects and consider balancing our doom-scrolling with some kindness-scrolling.”

According to the study, 1,000 people were polled about how they felt after reading or watching Covid news on social media. They discovered that getting information from Twitter or YouTube was associated with a decrease in positivity and made people feel less optimistic.


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BRUTAL DEATH “The reseаrch demonstrаtes thаt аs little аs two minutes of exposure to negаtive news аbout Covid-19 cаn hаve negаtive consequences,” the reseаrchers sаid.

“Given thаt mаny people spend five to ten times аs much time eаch dаy interаcting with Covid-relаted news, this is probаbly а conservаtive estimаte of the emotionаl toll.” ”


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