After a seven-year “relationship,” PA principal Roger Weaver was arrested and charged with sexual assault against a male student.

Roger Weaver Freed, the principal of the Williamsport Area School Board in Pennsylvania, was detained and charged with 30 counts of felony sex for an inappropriate sexual relationship he had with a male student over a seven-year period. Freed, 34, is charged with engaging in a sexual relationship with a student beginning in 2015, when the latter was a middle school student, and continuing through the student’s graduation from high school and enrollment in college.

According to court documents, Freed was accused of 30 counts of having an indiscreet sexual relationship with the student on Tuesday, June 21. These counts included sexual assault, aggravated indecent assault, corruption of a minor, and three misdemeanor counts of providing alcohol to a minor. The boy was in middle school in 2015, according to the investigators, when Freed started the relationship. His college career began after his 2018 graduation. According to an affidavit, the relationship continued until last April after two years, when it became sexual.

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The pupil claimed that he approached Freed in 2015 after observing that he was well-liked by pupils who confided in him at the middle school counseling center. After a family member passed away, he became more close to Freed and started to depend on him for emotional support. According to the document, he trusted Freed “like an older brother.” As their friendship developed, they began spending more time together outside of the classroom. Freed offered to drive the student to various locations so they could have “one-on-one conversations.”

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