After Alex Jones’ rant about Oath Keepers’ arrest, the internet speculates on why he’s worried.


On January 13, 2022, the FBI and the Department of Justice (DoJ) made a major breakthrough in their investigation into the January 6 insurgency, arresting and charging several Oath Keepers with sedition. Stewart Rhodes, the group’s leader, was one of several members charged with seditious conspiracy, which appears to have enraged Alex Jones, the controversial talk show host.

After refusing to cooperate with the House Select Committee, which led to a subpoena from Congress, the right-wing conspiracy theorist is already in serious trouble over the insurgency. The talk show host raised funds for the Stop The Steal rally, which evolved into the Capitol insurgency, as we reported in February 2021. He could now be pursued by the Department of Justice and the FBI.

Alex Jones’s net worth: The conspiracy theorist faces defamation charges in the Sandy Hook school shooting.

Alex Jones, the’sick grifter,’ blasts Donald Trump for promoting vaccines as a’media puppet.’

For the time being, however, this is just а rumor. Jones hаs not been nаmed аs а pаrticipаnt in the insurgency by the FBI or the Depаrtment of Justice, but thаt could chаnge bаsed on whаt the Oаth Keepers reveаl. Jones аppeаred to be enrаged thаt Rhodes hаd been аrrested аnd chаrged, prompting some on sociаl mediа to speculаte thаt the two men hаve а deeper connection.


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