After cockpit sex video leaked online, a Russian pilot and cadet were fired.

After a video of them having sex in the cockpit of a plane surfaced, a Russian pilot and cadet were reportedly fired. According to local news site Gazeta, the 28-year-old instructor pilot took off in a Cessna 172 plane with the unidentified 21-year-old pupil. After offering her extra flight time at the Sasovo Flight School Of Civil Aviation, about 250 miles southeast of Moscow, the pilot allegedly encouraged the trainee to engage in sexual activities.

The woman initially refused because the instructor was married, but she eventually agreed after he promised free lessons. According to the woman, they only kissed and cuddled once while autopilot was turned on. According to local media, the woman had a disagreement with one of her fellow cadets, who then posted the video online in retaliation. Sasovo Flight School fired them after other employees recognized them in the video.

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