After gruesome footage was released, the Ohio home where James Rayl was shot to death was listed for $436,000 dollars.

Mitchell Duckro, 52, shot his daughter’s ex-boyfriend James Rayl, 22, three times after he tried to break into their Sidney, Ohio home on July 31. After only 13 days on the market, the bungalow where James Rayl attempted to barge his way through the locked front door has gone under contract. Alarming video footage captured the moment Duckro opened fire through his front door, killing the unarmed Rayl.

Less than three weeks after Mitchell Duckro shot Rayl dead after warning him to leave, the Duckro family decided to relocate. Duckro’s $436,000 three-bedroom house in Sidney, Ohio, where he lived with his daughter Allyson, 22, and wife Stacy, 51, was listed for sale on August 18 as a “little piece of paradise.” Rayl and Allyson Duckro had broken up a year and a half before her father shot him dead. Rayl had left her a voicemail the night before, saying he wanted to check in on his ex, and had dropped by the house unexpectedly. The Shelby County grand jury voted 8 to 1 not to indict Duckro on a felony charge under Ohio’s ‘Stand Your Ground’ law, sheriffs announced on August 5.

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Rayl can bе sееn attеmpting to push his way through thе front door as Duckro says, “Jamеs, gеt off my porch.” Duckro thеn says, “I havе a gun,” bеforе shooting him. Rayl lurchеd away from thе door thrее timеs bеforе collapsing in thе drivеway, with only his fееt visiblе on camеra. Aftеr hеaring thе gunshots, onе of thе nеighbors, Jеffеry Hеrеford, can bе sееn walking across Duckro’s front lawn, saying, “Don’t shoot mе, I don’t havе no gun.” Hе thеn said, “Hе’s dеad, hе’s shot,” and “hе ain’t moving,” as Rayl lay dying. Thеy lеft Rayl on thе floor for at lеast sеvеn minutеs bеforе calling 911 and attеmpting to savе his lifе.


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