After life support is turned off, Archie Battersbee DIES, and his parents spend the previous night by his bedside.


On Saturday, August 6, Archie Battersbee passed away after the doctors turned off all life support. According to reports, his loved ones were by his bedside as he passed away. His parents, Hollie Dance and Paul Battersbee, reportedly decided to spend every minute with him on the night before the support was terminated.


Archie passed away at 12.15 p.m. today, Hollie said in a brief statement to the media as she stood outside the Royal London Hospital in east London, where he was treated. And let me just say that I’m the world’s most proudest mother. I’m so proud to be his mother because such a beautiful little boy fought to the very end. A relative, Ella Carter, also spoke with the media outside the hospital and said, “He was taken off all medication at 10 o’clock. Until they reduced ventilation, his entire set of stats remained completely stable for two hours. Then, his entire body turned blue. Watching a family member or a child suffocate [to death] lacks all sense of dignity. What we’ve gone through as a family should never again happen; it’s barbaric.



Outrage after Archie Battersbee’s family rejected a request to transfer him to a hospice facility: “This is UNJUST.”

What transpires when a patient’s life support is turned off if they are considered to be brain dead?

At the Royаl London Hospitаl in Whitechаpel, eаst London, the 12-yeаr-old boy hаd been receiving cаre since April. He reportedly pаrticipаted in а deаdly online chаllenge before going into а comа. The heаrtbroken fаmily hаd аsked the High Court for permission to tаke Archie to а hospice аfter losing аll of their legаl bаttles to keep Archie on life support. However, thаt аs well wаs declined.


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