Animal advocates demand justice as helpless horses are mercilessly dragged by truck


Videos Spark Outrage and Call for Criminal Charges in Utah Horse Dragging Incident

Videos showing horses being dragged behind a truck down a Utah residential street have triggered outrage in the community and sparked an animal rights group to push for criminal charges against the driver. The graphic videos, captured by residents’ home security cameras in Farmington, Utah, depict two horses tied to a trailer being towed by a pickup truck as they struggle to keep up. Homeowners Don Evans and Amberly Powers shared the clips with local media outlets, shedding light on the incident that took place on September 8 along Ranch Road.

A man bathes his horse along a street in New Delhi, India, on March 6, 2023. Videos showing two horses being dragged by a truck down a residential street sparked outrage on social media.
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While the Farmington Police Department (FPD) is aware of the videos, police told local station KUTV that it doesn’t qualify as animal cruelty. However, officials from the Humane Society of Utah beg to differ. They believe the incident captured on video shows a clear case of animal cruelty and are seeking justice for the horses involved. The controversy surrounding this incident has reached such levels that Farmington city officials felt compelled to address the situation in a statement on Monday.

Outrage and Controversy

The video footage of the horses being dragged behind a truck has sparked widespread outrage within the community. Residents like Don Evans, who captured the incident on his surveillance camera, expressed their shock and disbelief. Evans described the footage as “horrendous” and expressed his outrage at the reckless disregard displayed by the truck driver. The incident has caused significant controversy, with Farmington city officials addressing concerns of violence towards local officials and horse owner.

The City issued a statement acknowledging the traumatic nature of the incident and emphasized their concern for the welfare of animals within the community. They also expressed their worry for the safety of humans involved in the incident, as calls for violence have been made. With this statement, the City urges patience and empathy as the investigation unfolds, and reassures the public that animal cruelty is taken seriously.

Animal Rights Advocacy

The Humane Society of Utah has been vocal in their condemnation of the incident. Communications director Guinnevere Shuster expressed the organization’s deep concern for the welfare of the horses and urged Davis County investigators to charge the driver with animal cruelty and traffic violations. Shuster emphasized that the dragging of horses behind a truck is unacceptable and subject to penalties under the criminal code. The Humane Society sees the incident as a clear case of cruelty to animals, and they hope that local jurisdiction will take swift action.

Under Utah law, knowingly and recklessly transporting or confining an animal in a cruel manner constitutes cruelty to animals. The Humane Society firmly believes that this situation falls within those parameters, as evidenced by the video footage. Seeing the white horse fall and be dragged in the video was deeply disheartening for the organization.

Investigation and Response

While the Farmington Police Department does not currently consider the incident as animal cruelty, Farmington city officials have confirmed that Animal Care of Davis County is investigating the matter. Newsweek reached out to the involved parties for comment, including the FPD, Animal Care of Davis County, and the Humane Society of Utah. The investigation and subsequent response to the incident remain ongoing, as authorities determine the appropriate course of action.

The videos of the horses being dragged behind a truck in a residential area have sparked outrage, controversy, and a call for criminal charges. The graphic footage has prompted the Humane Society of Utah to advocate for justice for the animals involved. The incident has ignited concern within the community, leading to calls for violence towards officials and the horse owner. As the investigation continues, Farmington city officials urge patience and empathy, emphasizing their commitment to addressing animal cruelty.


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