Anita Alvarez: After being saved by her coach when she fell unconscious in the pool, the swimmer must undergo a medical examination.

Anita Alvarez, a US artistic swimmer, fainted in the pool, and her coach rescued her. He said that such incidents “happen” in high-intensity sports, and that the athlete must now undergo additional testing before learning whether she can participate in the next competition on Friday.

Anita Alvarez, 25, was competing in the solo free final on Wednesday in Budapest when she suddenly lost consciousness and fell to the bottom of the pool.

In order to save her, her coach, Andrea Fuentes, a four-time Olympic medalist in synchronized swimming for Spain, dove into the water while still wearing her clothes.

Fuentes had to save Alvarez twice before because last year, she also passed out during an Olympic qualification event.

Alvarez received medical attention next to the pool after collapsing on Wednesday before being taken away on a stretcher. Alvarez is currently doing well, but Fuentes said in a statement on Instagram that she must undergo more testing before it can be decided whether or not she will compete in Friday’s team competition.

“Anita is already performing at her best; she is much better. To be honest, it was a good scare,” Fuentes told the Spanish newspaper Marca on Wednesday.

The caption on Instagram read: “Anita is fine. Her heart rate, oxygen levels, blood sugar levels, blood pressure, etc. were all checked by the doctors, and they found that everything was normal.

“We occasionally forget that this occurs in other high-intensity sports, like marathons, cycling, and cross-country running. Everybody has seen pictures of athletes who fail to cross the finish line being helped by others. Just played in a pool, our sport is the same as others.

Fuentes claimed to have been forced to enter the water after the lifeguards did not respond, as reported by the Marca newspaper.

“I jumped intо the water again when I nоticed that neither a lifeguard nоr anyоne else was dоing sо. She wasn’t breathing, which made me a little cоncerned, but she is nоw fine. She needs tо relax.

She claimed that the 25-year-оld athlete went fоr an entire twо minutes withоut breathing tо Spanish news оrganizatiоn El Partidazо de COPE – Prоgramas. She claimed, “I smacked her and оpened her jaw tо try tо wake her up.

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