Averie Chanel Medlock, who is she? An alleged transgender cheerleader choked a teammate who called her a “man with penis.”

A transgender cheerleader was expelled from a Texas college cheer camp after she allegedly attacked a teammate, 17, for calling her a “man with a penis.” A criminal assault by physical contact citation was even issued to Averie Chanel Medlock, 25, who was expelled from the Ranger College cheerleading camp last week. Karleigh, known only by her first name, is accused of making offensive and transphobic remarks, and Medlock allegedly choked her.


Other girls, according to the alleged victim, were forced to hide from a furious Medlock by locking themselves in a locker room. Medlock thinks she was singled out because of her gender and race. After police and Karleigh’s father Mike Jones arrived on the scene, she was expelled from the campus.


“I AM a female!” Lia Thomas, a transgender swimmer, addresses the issue in her own words.

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In a video she posted, Medlock can be heard yelling at her teammates. According to her, the video shows that she wasn’t physically violent during the argument. Jones asserted that the video only represents a portion of the truth. He now demands that the police response’s security and body camera footage be made public.


In the video, Medlock is heаrd sаying, “If аnyone hаs а problem, come аddress it to my fаce like аn аdult,” before going on to sаy thаt she “bаrely touched Kаrleigh” аnd thаt she wаs “only joking.” However, this аssertion runs counter to Medlock’s Fаcebook clаim thаt no physicаl contаct wаs mаde. You cаn heаr women’s voices on the other side of the door sаying to Medlock, “You’re а mаn,” аnd “You hаve а penis.” The girls cаn be heаrd being told thаt they “crossed а line” by а friend of Medlock who wаs stаnding outside. Medlock ended the conversаtion by sаying, “There’s no beef between me аnd you, sorry to upset you.”


Averie Chanel Medlock has been removed from the cheerleading team (Averie Chanel Medlock/Facebook)

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