Brendan loses 100K Instagram followers after the Natasha & Pieper love triangle scandal on Bachelor in Paradise LIVE tonight.


After skipping the first Monday episode since season 7, Bachelor in Paradise’s eighth episode will air on Tuesday night.

The Bachelor spinoff has announced that they will no longer air on Monday nights and will instead air on Tuesdays for the seventh season.

Tonight’s episode will feature a cocktail party at which five of the girls will be sent home if they don’t get a rose.

The Pieper and Brendan drama would be continued in this episode, according to the trailer. Fans have slammed the two for appearing on the show for the sake of fame rather than love, resulting in Brendan losing over 100,000 Instagram followers. Fans compared them to couple Chris and Alana in last week’s episode, saying they were just as bad and accusing them of pre-show dating

. However, both Chris and Alana left the show in separate cаrs in episode 7.

Tonight’s Bаchelor in Pаrаdise episode will аir аt 8 p.m. On ABC’s ET,


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