Catch the Exciting Live Shows of Russell Brand Cancelled Amidst Controversy Surrounding Comedian’s Alleged Sexual Misconduct


Russell Brand’s Live Stand-Up Tour Postponed as Charities Cut Ties Amid Allegations

Russell Brand’s live stand-up tour, titled “Bipolarisation,” has been postponed following allegations of rape and sexual assault made against the comedian. Promoters of the tour announced the decision on Monday, stating that the remaining shows, which were also intended as addiction charity fundraisers, would be postponed. The announcement came after crisis discussions at the Theatre Royal in Windsor, where Brand was scheduled to perform on Tuesday night. The theatre management confirmed that ticket refunds would be offered. The Plymouth Pavilions in Devon, where Brand was due to perform on Friday night, also stated that ticket refunds would be provided. Another scheduled performance at The Civic At The Halls in Wolverhampton next Thursday has also been affected.

The Allegations and Their Impact

The allegations against Russell Brand were first published by The Times, prompting a number of charities to sever ties with the comedian. One of the affected charities is the BAC O’Connor drug addiction center in Staffordshire. Noreen Oliver MBE, founder and managing director of the charity, stated that they had cut all ties with Brand and would be removing references to him from their website. Brand had previously supported BAC O’Connor, with proceeds from the sale of his book “Recovery: Freedom From Our Addiction” going to the center. Another charity, One Can Trust, a food bank organization in High Wycombe, also announced that Brand was no longer their ambassador due to the “extremely serious allegations.”

The Tour and its Focus

Russell Brand’s live stand-up show focused on the themes of rules, rule breaking, democracy, and freedom. The shows were not initially billed as addiction fundraisers by the venues or Brand’s official website, but it had been reported that the Plymouth gig was “in aid of” a charity that provides women-only accommodation in the city. Despite the allegations, Brand performed a sold-out gig at the Troubadour Wembley Park Theatre in London on Saturday night.

Denial of Allegations and Publishing Pause

In response to the allegations, Russell Brand posted a video statement on social media denying all claims. His publisher, Bluebird, a Pan Macmillan imprint, announced that it would be pausing all future publishing with the performer. This decision affects the release of Brand’s upcoming book, “Recovery: The Workbook,” which was set to be published in December.

As of now, the future of Russell Brand’s live stand-up tour remains uncertain, with the postponed shows yet to be rescheduled. Charities that were once associated with the comedian have made it clear that they are cutting all ties in light of the allegations. While Brand continues to deny the claims, the impact on his career and reputation is significant.

Russell Brand posted a video online saying he "absolutely" denies unspecified criminal allegations about his personal life.
Russell Brand posted a video online saying he “absolutely” denies unspecified criminal allegations about his personal life. (Photo: Russell Brand/PA)

Overall, the allegations against Russell Brand have had far-reaching consequences, leading to the postponement of his live stand-up tour and severing of ties with various charities. While he maintains his innocence, the impact of these accusations on his professional career and reputation is undeniable. The future of Brand’s tour and his involvement with charitable organizations remains uncertain at this time.

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