Charlie Stayt counters at Zahawi over BBC Breakfast mistake ‘It’s Charlie!’


Speaking on BBC Breakfast on Friday, Zahawi kept referring to Charlie Stayt as “Dan” while discussing the donations of vaccines and the potential postponement of listing Covid restrictions on June 21. At the end of the interview, BBC viewers heard Stayt correct the minister and sarcastically note he wasn’t offended.

As the discussion wrapped up, Zahawi had once again just said: “We want this to be irreversible, Dan, these battles have been really hard won.”

Stayt replied: “Mr Zahawi, thank you very much. I am genuinely not offended, but you haven’t called me Charlie throughout the whole interview.

“But these things happen sometimes, it’s Charlie and you are Nadhim Zahawi.

“I’m just saying but I’m not offended, so it’s okay – we move on. It hаppens.”

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BBC Breakfast: Zahawi kept calling Charlie ‘Dan’ (Image: BBC)


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