Charlotte Johnson Wahl, Boris Johnson’s mother, has died at the age of 79.


Charlotte Johnson Wahl, Boris Johnson’s mother, has died at the age of 79. The professional painter died “suddenly and peacefully” on Monday at a London hospital, according to his family.

The Prime Minister previously described his mother as his family’s “supreme authority,” while Mrs Johnson Wahl said she felt “protective” of her eldest son. Mrs. Johnson Wahl married Prime Minister Stanley Johnson’s father in 1963, and the couple had four children: the Prime Minister, former MP Jo Johnson, journalist Rachel Johnson, and entrepreneur Leo Johnson.

In 1979, she divorced Stanley Johnson and married historian Nicholas Wahl in 1988, though he died six years later. Mrs Johnson Wahl, unlike many other members of the Johnson family, was known to be left-wing. “When we lived on Exmoor, my mother was the only red in the village,” her daughter Rachel Johnson said last year, adding, “We are a very mixed-race family politically, and my father tends to marry socialists.” Mrs Johnson Wahl, on the other hand, sided with her eldest son on Brexit, with the future Prime Minister revealing at the 2016 Tory conference thаt “my mother voted Leаve,” despite his siblings аnd fаther аdvocаting for Remаin.


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