Chris Rock’s Unconventional Parenting Style Leads to an Unforgettable School Adventure for Daughter Lola


Chris Rock: A Comedy Icon and Caring Father

Chris Rock is a renowned stand-up comedian known for his raunchy and fearless style of comedy. But behind the jokes and laughter, Rock is also a devoted father. In this article, we’ll dive into Rock’s journey as a dad, his parenting philosophy, and a memorable incident with his daughter Lola that taught her an important lesson.

A Dedicated Dad

Despite his humorous take on parenting, Chris Rock takes his role as a father seriously. He’s proud to be a dad and cherishes every moment with his children. According to an interview with Chicago Parent, Rock believes that parenting is not about quality time but simply being present for your kids. His daughters Lola Simone Rock and Zahra Savannah Rock were just 6 and 4 years old when he shared this perspective. Parenthood, he says, is a marathon, and he’s dedicated to giving his best every step of the way.

Teaching a Lesson

Even though Chris Rock is a mega-celebrity, he doesn’t let his children run wild. In one of his stand-up specials, Rock shared an incident involving his eldest daughter, Lola Simone Rock. Lola and her friends were caught drinking during a high school trip abroad. Rock humorously revealed that Lola thought she would face minimal consequences, but he took matters into his own hands. He spoke with the school’s dean and insisted on Lola being expelled, wanting her to learn her lesson early on. This tough love approach reflects Rock’s commitment to guiding his children and ensuring they face the consequences of their actions.

Facing the Consequences

Getting expelled from school didn’t hinder Lola’s future success. In June 2020, Lola’s mother, Malaak Compton-Rock, shared a photo of Lola in her graduation cap and gown. Lola had not only graduated from high school but had also turned 18. Malaak expressed her pride in the young woman Lola had become and mentioned her plans to study at a university in Europe. Chris later revealed that Lola was studying in Paris, highlighting her determination and resilience.

A Tattoo Bonding Experience

As Lola reached adulthood, Chris Rock showed a more relaxed side when it came to certain aspects of her upbringing. In July 2020, Chris and Lola got matching tattoos. Lola wanted a tattoo for her 18th birthday and requested her dad’s presence to keep her grounded. Chris agreed, and they both got tattoos together. It was a bonding experience that celebrated Lola’s milestone and showcased their close relationship. Chris mentioned that Lola aspires to become a documentary filmmaker, indicating her passion for the entertainment industry.

A Father’s Love

Chris Rock is a proud father, and his love for his daughters shines through. Although he keeps his daughters’ personal lives private, he occasionally shares heartwarming moments on social media. In a Father’s Day post, Rock expressed his joy in being a dad and shared pictures of him with Lola and his younger daughter, Zahra Savannah Rock. His words resonated with fathers worldwide, appreciating the special bond between a father and his children.

Chris Rock has left an indelible mark on the entertainment industry with his comedy. Yet, his role as a father remains a priority in his life. Through his humor and dedication, he continues to navigate the journey of fatherhood, guiding his daughters and teaching them valuable life lessons along the way.


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